Do you love a great love story? Andrea and Evan have only just begun but have a wonderful start to lifelong love story.
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Their Love Story begins the day they met.....

She said...He said....

Andrea’s story: 
We met while I was still attending Jersey Village High School. Every weekend I would go to Red River Dancehall and Salon in Tomball, TX. Always being the girl with the early curfew, I asked one of my girlfriends to give Evan my number since I had to leave. We ended up messaging for what seemed like one day and maybe one or two more times after that and that was the end of that. I eventually moved to College Station but still spent my weekends at Good Ole Red which is where I ran into Evan again. That’s when we learned we both lived in College Station. And come to find out, I ended up living across the street from him...coincidence I think not. I believe God had a plan all along and knew exactly what he was doing. Evan, however,  will say I was just stalking him. 8 wonderful years later, I get to marry the man of my dreams and mother approved. 

Evan’s story:
  I met Andrea at a dancehall called Red River on my birthday. She came up to the group I was standing in and asked if anyone would like to dance while only making eye contact with me. I took her up on her offer and we have danced on together and will continue dancing with each other forever.